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Blast Log services leaflet

Blast Log Ltd Services Brochure

Blast Log Ltd provides specialist services relating to blasting, vibration and air-overpressure issues.

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Project Description Sheets

Blast monitoring

Blast Vibration Monitoring

Monitoring of vibrations resulting from blasting in close proximity to an active railway tunnel and forming vibration predictions and detonator delay time optimisation to ensure vibration limits are not exceeded.

Remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring Installation

Construction and installation of remote vibration and air overpressure monitoring system inside a residential property to record the effects of blasting upon structures in close proximity to Ffos-y-fran reclamation project.



A one day workshop for mineral planners in the Northumberland County region on the environmental effects of blasting - vibration and air overpressure.

Demolition monitoring

Demolition Monitoring

Vibration and air overpressure monitoring for the controlled demolition of two chimney stacks at a disused oil refinery facility in Southern Wales.


Blast Log© Example Reports

Single event report

Single event summary report: Example

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Blast Log Services Leaflet

Summary regression model and maximum charge weights with distance report: Example

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Blast Log© Reporting Templates

When clients use Blast Log's prediction, analysis and reporting services, they submit the blasting and basic monitoring data on the following templates:

Blast details

Blast Details: Template

Monitoring locations

Monitoring Locations: Template

Monitoring results

Monitoring Results: Template

Blast complaints

Blasting Complaints: Template