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Blast Log Services

We provide specialist services in relation to blasting, vibration and air-overpressure to the quarrying and mining industries and for demolition, tunnelling and civil engineering operations.

Our services include:

Blast Log Software

Blast Log© Prediction, Analysis & Reporting Software

Blast Log is a comprehensive blasting analysis and reporting service developed to meet the needs of both operators and regulators. It supports and improves compliance with blasting related planning conditions, and contributes to improved blast performance and blast design.  [Read more...]

Vibration and air-overpressure Monitoring

Vibration & Air overpressure Monitoring

The majority of our monitoring work is for the quarrying and mining industries, where we provide both short and long term monitoring support to suit a client’s needs and can act on the client’s behalf in reporting to and discussing monitoring schemes with regulators.  [Read more...]

Blast Log Instrumentation


We design, build, install and maintain, single monitoring units or permanent monitoring systems, specific to a site's requirements. Services range from hiring individual vibrographs to designing and building bespoke and remotely operated permanent vibration monitoring systems to suit specific requirements.  [Read more...]

Blast Log Timing Optimisation

Timing Optimisation for Electronic Detonators

Blast Log Ltd has developed and uses software to analyse and optimise the initiation timings of electronic detonators. This enables greater control over the blast, the fragmentation and the resultant blast pile. [Read more...]

Blast Log Consultancy


We provide advice, support and solutions to a varied range of blasting problems encountered by our clients. We provide bespoke solutions to a sites individual needs and, implementation of design and remedial works if required.  [Read more...]

Blast Log Training


Blast Log Ltd provides customised training to suit the specific needs of a wide range of clients, which we typically conduct at the clients’ sites. [Read more...]

In addition...

Blast Log can provide our clients with all levels of support from basic advice on which is the most suitable seismograph to providing a blasting package including blast design, vibration prediction, monitoring and reporting. Blast Log Ltd also calibrates all White Seismographs.