Vibration, Air-overpressure and Noise Monitoring

Blast Log provides a range of monitoring services that can aid in further understanding and solving vibration and air overpressure problems associated with quarry blasting.

Our monitoring services can work in conjunction with consultancy services including blasting related environmental impact assessments.

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Vibration & air overpressure monitoring

Monitoring for vibration and air overpressure (air blast) is one of our key areas of expertise.

We have offered our monitoring services to the following sectors:

We use a range of commercial seismographs manufactured by White Seismographs and Instantel. All our commercial units meet performance standard as set by the International Society of Explosive Engineers (ISEE).

For more specialised monitoring, we also manufacture, install and operate bespoke vibration monitoring systems that can monitor at up to 5 locations over a 50m distance on a common time base.

These have previously been deployed:

Noise Monitoring

We offer a one-off environmental noise monitoring service.

Our Larson Davis equipment is a combination Type 1 precision integrating sound level meter (slm) and a statistical data logger that exceeds all worldwide accuracy requirements for the measurement of noise.

We have provided our noise monitoring equipment for the following:

Clients included

  • KDC Contractors
  • Shepherd Construction
  • European Metal Recycling (EMR)
  • Euro Decommissioning
  • Miller Argent
  • Peak District National Park Authority, UK
  • Lafarge
  • Lhoist
  • Devon County Council, UK
  • Tarmac
  • Breedon
  • Controlled Demolition Inc. UK