Blast Log Ltd provides practical, industry based training that can be customised to the specific needs of the client.

Training can be seminar based for a large group of people, workshop based for a more practical, 'hands on' approach or one to one training if required.

Training areas

Topics include:

Environmental effects of blasting

Seismograph (blast monitor) training

Vibration analysis techniques

Previous example

Northumberland Mineral Planning Authority one day seminar

The Blast Log team delivered an informative one day seminar on the environmental impacts of blasting tailored to the requirements of mineral planners.

Topics included:

  • Predicting vibration levels
  • Designing a blast to comply with vibration limits
  • A thorough understanding of vibration results collected from test blasts versus production blasts
  • The importance of having a comprehensive monitoring scheme
  • A 'hands on' blast vibration workshop using regression model spreadsheets
  • The control of air overpressure
  • Understanding fly rock projection and clearance distance for equipment and personnel