The team at Blast Log have provided our professional and ethical consultancy services worldwide to a range of different companies from small operations to large multi national corporations.

We have offered our consultancy services to the following sectors:

We understand that everyone is unique and has different requirements; therefore we can tailor our solutions to the needs of the client and the situation

Consulting areas

Consulting areas include, but are not limited to, the following:

Expert Advice

Provide guidance and assistance with vibration and air overpressure problems.

Blast Analysis

Reducing the effects of vibration and air overpressure on buildings and structures through a thorough examination of the blasting results.

Blast Fragmentation

Provide our expertise on improving blast fragmentation through blast design optimisation.

Auditing the blasting process

Independent review of blast designs, blasting practises and monitoring procedures.
Providing feedback to clients with recommendations for improvement where necessary.

Mediation Services

Liaising with operators, residents and regulators to assist in the successful resolution of blasting issues.

Environmental impact assessments for blasting, vibration, air overpressure and noise

Blast Log has assisted in many projects over the years that required impact assessments to be carried out.

Previous example

Whitwell Quarry is one of the UK's most vibration sensitive quarry operations due to being surrounded by 2 villages, utility infrastructure, a Specific Site of Scientific Interest and a passenger railway line and tunnel that crosses through the quarry.
Blast Log carried out a blasting and vibration environmental impact assessment on four extension areas that were successfully granted approval by the Derbyshire County Council.

To view Whitwell Quarry Click here

Expert Witness Services

All directors at Blast Log have significant experience acting as expert witness.